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A good story over a good cocktail is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

Two to Tango

A glass shrouded in a mysterious white fog, garnished with kafir lime leaves; I felt oh so posh as I sampled the cocktail set in front of me. I enjoyed the tango of flavors in this refreshing tequila cocktail with citrusy notes while Vikas Passary, the accidental restaurateur, regaled me with his story. His journey from a metals & minerals trading business to setting up hugely successful restaurants like MOB and Little Italy makes a brag worthy tale I say! Do ask him to tell you all about it if you bump into him at his very upmarket new lounge & bar, Zephyr.

Hyderabad’s glamor quotient has gone up a notch with the stunning cocktails served at Zephyr. Take a selfie, if you are into that, ‘cos once you take a sip, you won’t want to let go of your glass. The pretty presentation makes them the perfect selfie prop!! I Loved the breezy interiors, tableware and the enticing aroma from the orange marmalade sauce bubbling away at the bar. The ambience is designed to make you feel comfortable and the music is played at a volume that enables a cosy tête-à-tête. 

The drinks have been curated by the well known Mixologist Consultant – Bijuraj. What sets the cocktails here apart, is the use of fresh fruit and spice infusions made in-house. The LIIT’s are infused with six different flavors to give them an extra zing! No commercially bottled syrups in sight anywhere…what a relief! I tried the following:

– The Gold Hunter – wowie!
– Summer Vacation
– Two to Tango – Moh phuleese!
– Coffee and star anise infused LIIT – a Lil potent for me
– Cardamom and rose petals infused LIIT – a lil potent for me
– Smooth Talker – Beetroot and I don’t see eye to eye so this was a no no
– Cold pressed apple & spinach juice – I politely declined 😉

Gold Hunter – Embellished with a rose pink ombre tint ice gola. Ok, so the ice melted to form messy puddles around the glass but hey, beauty always comes with strings attached, eh! I wish the ice was infused with a flavor too.

Chef Harman Singh, trained at Le Cordon Bleu, was roped in to design and execute the menu. He has taken some of the classics and given them his own twist although I do hope he will be a lil more adventurous whenever he revamps the menu.

My favorites from all I tasted were –
the Mezze platter, orange & roasted seasme salad, Moroccan lamb Tagine, Deviled eggs (not made the classic way though, these were Scotch eggs actually), Chicken tikka masala paired with a flaky Malabar paratha and lamb keema pav. The wasabi prawns are a crowd pleaser too.

The desserts, Tiramisu and Mascarpone mango rabdi, were too sweet for my palate but the others seemed to enjoy them.








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