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What does a Punjabi crave for in the land of biryani? Aloo tikki, chhole bhature, moong dal cheele, butter chicken, pani puri… We are simple people at heart, easily won over by a glass of lassi, thick milky elachi wali chai or a patiyala peg, depending on the hour of the day!


Having lived in Hyderabad for nearly two decades, I had given up on finding the street food taste that would conjure up sweet nostalgia of the Desi street food from saadhi Dilli and Punjab.

Nimit Gupta, the man behind HyperLocal, promised me the aloo tikki would remind me of Delhi, I was understandably skeptical. I told him not to be offended if I didn’t try it after seeing it.

Aloo tikki burger

Folks, I kid you not, even though the tikki was served as a part of a burger, I ruthlessly dismantled it to inspect the texture and only then, did I take a bite of the gloriously golden, crunchy (with the trademark uneven sides that happens when the tikki undergoes the final frying after being squashed a little) tikki. You gotta try this!

There are a whole lot of exciting options on the menu, both Desi and some with a Hyderabadi twist. When I say ‘twist’ I don’t mean biryani flavored gol gappe😝. So here’s what stood out from all I tasted-
– veg galouti (for the uninitiated 😜)
– Mutton galouti
– Chicken Tikka
– Kachhe kele ki asharfi
– Mutton dalcha crouquettes
– Dahi ke kebabs
– Amar Colony butter chicken tandoori Momo’s
– Amritsari keema kulche calzone

Keema Kulcha Calzone

– Amritsari chhole calzone
-Aloo tikki burger
– Moong dal cheese cheela
– Chhole bhature

Vegetarians often feel short changed with the same boring paneer this and that options on most menus but not at HyperLocal. The vegetarian options are varied, well thought out and as delicious as the non veg ones.

Baked gulabjamun

I hope they add more desi desserts to the menu. The baked gualbjamun, although nice, was way too sweet for me and I missed the cold malai kulfi in the rabdi falooda.

The bar tenders know how to keep you coming back for more with the theatrical cocktails and mocktails. Some of the drinks I tasted were great but some need a little more work on flavor profiles. Addition of some fresh / canned/ dehydrated fruits would help enhance the taste. The liquor is available only on a few days at the moment so it would be a good idea to call ahead and check if that’s a must have on the agenda for you.

Now for one of the most exciting thing about HyperLocal – They are poised to change the movie watching experience soon – 5 movie screens, 70 seaters each, with plush recliners and the full restaurant menu available for a dining in at the theatre. Can’t wait for this to start.

I managed to grab Nimit for quick chat about his labor of love. Watch him in the video link below.

Watch the making of the Pink Slinger here!

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