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 The Food: There’s something about vacations that turns an otherwise normal person into a shameless glutton. Don’t you agree? This holds specially true for me as I morph into ‘the Devouring Diva’! We had five meals in different in house restaurants over the course of our two day staycation.

Cocktails at Altitude

After a refreshing swim, hubby and I made our way up to the eight floor and chose different paths. He strode in the direction of the health club to work on keeping his ass sexy and I sashayed to the bar to keep mine ample! I

Crimson Kiss – vodka infused with pear, cranberry juice

tried out two cocktails from the specially curated ‘summer fruits infused vodka’ menu –

The Crimson Kiss – Deliciously tart, sweet fruity notes. Pear infused vodka with a dash of cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Blushing Lady

The Blushing Lady – Pomegranate infused Vodka, cardamom, freshly squeezed lime juice and syrup. Me thinks this needs to be rethought on two counts – taste & presentation.

Altitude has a relaxed elegance of the old world with its paisley upholstery and fabric clad walls. It overlooks the glittering necklace road that encircles the Hussain Sagar/ Tank Bund. Thankfully, the stench from the unfortunate eyesore of the sewage drain doesn’t permeate all the way up here allowing one to enjoy the view without being constantly offending ones olfactory’s.

The food menu has some really interesting fusions of flavours like the kick ass karam podi French fries (bye bye Piri Piri fries at Mc D). Take a look at the menu on Zomato and you’ll know what I mean. I am going to try chicken 65 khurchan in homemade taco shells and Telangana Fish n Chips with Bhurani Tartar on my next visit.

Dinner at Bidri 

I had recommended an immediate overhaul in ambience, food and service in my review early last year unless they wanted to continue to edge towards obscurity in the fine dining scene in Hyderabad. The executive Chef, Aungshuman Chakroborty, has done a good job on the food front (main course in particular) and the new restaurant manager Ms. Shreya has upped the service quality. No more unsightly food spill over trails on the crockery…shudder! I sill feel the starters and desserts need further refinement in taste and presentation. The live gazals in the background adds to the experience and the talented artist duo is happy to play your farmaaish (song request).

We had the set menu both veg and non veg and found the non veg starters insipid. The vegetarian starters were great except for the paneer. One bite and you know the marinating time was too short for the tandoori and pan fried items for the spice mix to have worked its magic.

The main course was delicious.

  1. Meat Baliram –

    Meat Baliram, lachha paratha

    Chef Murali did justice to this recipe named after chef Bali Ram, head cook in the royal kitchen at Lahore, during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s reign. This was paired with khasta roti and lachha paratha as recommended. The twist in the recipe was from the liberal use of caramelized onions.

  2. Dal Bidri – Oh we love our lentils, don’t we? I had just declared that i couldn’t eat another morsel when the aroma of the dal seduced me into reaching for a piece of tandoori roti to scoop up the creamy, gently simmered for hours,

    Dal Bidri

    calories be damned, morsel of earthy goodness. As I savored the dal, i was hit with a pleasant image of a large brass vessel bubbling away on a smoky wood fire – filmy style! Yes, it was that good.

  3. The creamy raita that accompanied gosht biryani was quite unusual with a hint of garlic. Delicious with the Biryani.


More on my food experience at Okra and HBC in the concluding part soon. A sleepy swipe of the finger wiped away all I had typed out and none of the frantic recall/ restore options worked…sigh!

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