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Sante Spa

If you see me eating salad or oats at a restaurant consider it a secret signal for ”help! i’m being held hostage”. But not if the salad or the oats smoothie is at Sante Spa.

The ambiance here reminds me of spring; the gorgeous green and the bright white is an apt setting for the fresh food served here. Abhiram, the health conscious restaurant owner, takes pride in the fact that the vegetables and fruits are prepped only after an order is placed to retain the crunch, color and nutrients. This is no fast food joint, no sirr! The menu warns you of a 20 minute wait time after you place your order. So, sit back and relax.

Sante Spa menu takes some of your regular favorites, ups their health quotient, plates it beautifully and voila! No more guilty pleasures when you want to binge… Within reason though! I’m not a fan of health food, I’ll take a pizza over a salad any day, but here, I can happily chow down both! Also, they dish out all this fabulous food without using any processed sugar or salt in the kitchen. The food is served in rustic looking Neem wood crockery.

Here’s what we tasted:

1. Roasted Tomato and Garlic Broth
2. Tibetan Thupka

1. Beetroot and Spinach Hummus
2. Pan Seared Zucchini Kebabs

Mediterranean Quinoa salad

Main Course:
1. Farm Fresh Pizza
2. Bajra Risotto
3. Thai Curried Vegetables served with red rice

1. Salted Caramel Mud Cake
2. Chocolate Matcha Truffles
3. Valrhona Chocolate Pie
4. Pure Coconut and Palm Jaggery Ice Cream

Smoothies and Shakes:
1. Chocolate Granola
2. Activated Charcoal and Coconut Milkshake
3. Thandai Milkshake
4. Thick Mango Milkshake
5. Pink Lemonade

I loved the pan seared zucchini kebabs, the quinoa salad, the farm fresh thin crust ragi pizza loaded with exotic vegetables, bajra risotto and the buckwheat chocolate mud cake and the coconut jaggery ice-cream. The chocolate granola was nice but I enjoyed the non – chocolate version more, tasted it the last time I was here. Some of the flavors, like the activated carbon and coconut shake, take some getting used to.

The salad had a delicious tangy dressing with thin slices of crunchy apples, cranberries and feta among other things.

The place gets a little warm when it is running full house so summer lunches can get a little uncomfortable; choose your time well. More cooling to combat the rising mercury is an absolute must; I hope this is looked into soon.

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