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Tansen evokes a sense of serene splendor as you step into the Moghul Palace inspired interiors. Your pace slows to a stately glide – even if you tend to stumble in real life- as you walk to your table along the carved pillar lined pathway with a water body on either side. A little bit of royalty rubs on to you as your nose lifts just a fraction in accordance with the feeling and you survey your surroundings with a benevolent – oh I’m so special- gaze ūüėČ.

The gorgeous copper platters and tumblers add to the visual experience. As you settle down and contemplate the menu, munchies are placed in front of you. Even if you are starving, exercise self control; you don’t want to dull your appetite in a place like this.

Tansen is a family favorite for Mughali & Peshawari cuisine and has never disappointed in the last two years that we have been eating here.

I was understandably excited to be invited by the Man behind the scrumptious food, Chef Atul Sharma, for a food review.

Chef Atul Sharma – leading from the front.

It was a pleasure to interact with the down to earth, extremely talented Chef as he talked about the menu he had curated for the afternoon. I was really impressed with the seamless coordination between food production and service as each course was served piping hot.

The service was extremely attentive without being obtrusive by the senior Captain Naushad. Attention to details like, extra bowls and cutlery to

Flawless service by Mr. Naushad

facilitate sharing desserts, water refills and more were done before we could ask.

We were offered a wide selection of signature dishes and while some of these are my standard must haves, I also tasted a few new things.


                                   Tasting Menu

Mocktails                                                    Cocktails

Minty cucumber                                          Green and gin
Ohris delight                                                Ohris 75 Рmint lemon gin white wine
Chatka Orange¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Dream kiss –¬† vodka, strawberry crush, fresh orange, fresh lime, mint


Paneer dum rolls                                         Mutton sheekh kebabs
Soti boti paneer                                            Chicken ghee roast
Dahi ka kebab                                               Lemon Coriander Chicken
Sunehri khasta

Main Course

Kofta zatari                                                     Murg hara masala
Mirch makai hara payaz                               Mutton saoji

Malai warqi paratha/ Sheermali paratha 
Bhakharkhani / Garlic naan


Mulayam rasmalai / Malai ghevar
Malpua rabdi / Elaneer payasam

All mocktails were refreshingly delicious. The dream Kiss and Ohris 75 stood out in the cocktails.

Paneer dum rolls –¬† The crumb coat was browned to a crisp and made a delightful contrast to the soft paneer.

Soti boti paneer – I would have enjoyed it more sans the peas and peanuts; there was way too much going on, and not in a good way, in terms of texture. The crunch from the water Chestnut and capsicum should have been the highlight but the peanuts distracted from it.

Mutton sheekh kebabs – above average; perhads a little more mutton fat should have been ground into the mix for a better flavor and texture.

Chicken ghee roast – i love this dish of spice coated tender chicken with lots of fried cashews. It seemed a tad overdone this time though.

Lemon and coriander chicken – Delicious! Perfectly cooked, great balance of flavors and well presented. A squirt of fresh lemon juice added to the flavor.

Suneheri khasta – A delicious take on the well known spring rolls but a far cry from it in terms of texture and flavor. I loved the flavorful filling of simply cooked vegetables encased in filo pastry and fried to a light golden brown.

Dahi ke kebab – A different take on the famous starter, the hung curd mixture is encased in a large slice of bread and deep fried. Delicious but heavy. I would order this if I didn’t want main course.

In the main course, murg hara masala and Mirch makai hara pyaz outshone the rest with the spot on flavors.

The Saoji mutton, although well made, distinctly lacked the punch of tears & sweat invoking heat that it is known for. 

Do yourself a favor and never order the usual naan or roti here; try the specialty breads and I promise you everything else will seem mundane.

The bread basket comprised of sheermali paratha, malai warqi paratha, bakharkhani and garlic naan. Each of these breads vied with each other for attention. Superlative stuff! I am overwhelmed with how good bread can taste.

Everyone knows however much you may have eaten, the moment you look at well made desserts, the stomach magically makes space! The desserts were delicious and well presented. The malai ghevar is not something you find easily so I was really happy to dig into that.




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