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An evening of festivities marked the one year milestone for Gourmet passport in Hyderabad. A winning collaboration with Dineout and a brilliant team has ensured great deals in the best restaurants in nine cities nationwide. I have been using Gourmet Passport for a year and find it user friendly, straight forward and value for money.

With a brand like Gourmet Passport, helmed by the multi faceted Gourmand Rocky Mohan, the food had to be nothing short of well…Gourmet. Good food, liquor, live music and conversation flowed freely well beyond midnight.

The menu curated by team Jonathan’s Kitchen was a delicious fare, nothing run of the mill about it. The food was carefully selected to be a summer menu, high on the flavor and light on the palate. The pre dinner cocktails and appetizers were served at Komatose to a backdrop of a live rendition of soulful Hindi music followed by a four course sit down dinner service in a PDR at Jonathan’s Kitchen. Here’s what I
enjoyed the most:

Asparagus fritta with hollandaise: flour dusted asparagus with a silky hollandaise sauce.

Baked brie with pistachio crust with walnut relish: The baked nuts encased a creamy brie made me go mmmm.

The cilantro chicken fingers  with chipotle mayo and nachos was light and flavorful.

Butternut squash soup: Elegant presentation and sparingly flavored to let the natural squash flavor shine through.

Heirloom tomato Burrata salad:
A generous drizzle of olive oil on four varieties of heirloom tomatoes, lightly grilled, with a really good quality burrata seasoned with freshly cracked pepper was exceptionally good. I would have liked a little crunch to add variety to the texture though.

Chateaubriand: I asked for it to be well done but it was just a tad overcooked. This was served with a side of wilted spinach, marinated guchhi, horseradish and a splash of Béarnaise.

Curried Lamb Shanks: I was able to taste this from my dear friend, food blogger and the lady who spearheaded the Gourmet Passport operations in Hyderabad, Shivani
Mohan. Thank you Shivani for letting me dig into your plate for a taste. Many of us who had opted for other choices in the main course could not resist a taste, good manners be damned when you have something this fabulous 😋.

For dessert I had a Crème brûlée; I abandoned it less than half way as I missed the taste and texture of caramelized sugar, also a found it a little eggy and not quite the right temperature and texture. The twist of taste with a fruit topping didn’t work for me.

Old Monk infused Gelato: As divine as it sounds, clean flavors. Loved it.

Congratulations Gourmet Passport on the successful completion of one year in Hyderabad. The food lovers in Hyderabad look forward to more Gourmet experiences with  exclusively curated menus and experiences from Gourmet passport.

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